Definition of collared dove in English:

collared dove

Pronunciation /ˌkälərd ˈdəv/ /ˌkɑlərd ˈdəv/


  • An Old World dove related to the ringed turtle dove, with buff, gray, or brown plumage and a narrow black band around the back of the neck.

    Genus Streptopelia, family Columbidae: several species, in particular the sandy gray S. decaocto, which originated in Asia, and has recently been found breeding widely in southeastern Florida

    ‘We also saw collared doves, wood pigeons, barn swallows and a red-wattled plover.’
    • ‘It showed that collared doves and wood pigeons are now five times more common in gardens nationwide than in 1979.’
    • ‘Some species of pigeons and doves have expanded their ranges and increased their population sizes as a result of human activities (for example, ‘rock doves Columba livia’ and ‘Eurasian collared doves Streptopelia decaocto’).’
    • ‘Until recently, winter nesting in British birds has been very rare beyond a handful of species that include the wood pigeon, feral pigeon, and collared dove.’
    • ‘When viewed from the underside, the collared dove appears grayer than a turtle dove, with black visible on the tail.’