Definition of collared lizard in English:

collared lizard

Pronunciation /ˈkälərd ˈlizərd/ /ˈkɑlərd ˈlɪzərd/


  • A lizard that is typically marked with spots and bands and has a distinctive black-and-white collar. It is found in dry rocky areas in the southern US and Mexico.

    Crotaphytus collaris, family Iguanidae

    ‘We measured the asymmetry of five mensural and seven meristic characters of 175 collared lizards from north-central Oklahoma.’
    • ‘These hot and dry rocky slopes support scorpions, tarantulas, collared lizards, pygmy rattlesnakes, roadrunners, and prickly pear cacti.’
    • ‘Though Joshua Tree may look devoid of wildlife, even a short walk out in the desert will quickly reveal a myriad of freshly dug holes, where pocket mice, collared lizards, rabbits, or desert tortoises have burrowed.’
    • ‘See the changes in temperature in different parts of a collared lizard's body as its metabolism speeds up, or watch as the back of an eagle which has just landed cools down after being heated by the sun.’