Definition of collaterally in English:



See collateral

‘Setting aside the procedural question whether the court's order could be challenged collaterally in a contempt hearing - as opposed to on appeal - it seems to me that the order is unconstitutionally broad and viewpoint-based.’
  • ‘It is hard to be more European than the Dutch: a small country, collaterally invaded in 1940 during the German attack on France, with a location that makes them a great transport hub.’
  • ‘In other words, Herbert holds that relativism-and hence, collaterally, relativity-is the best and perhaps the only check against intolerance and violence toward those whose beliefs differ from one's own.’
  • ‘It is not sufficient if the question arose collaterally or incidentally in the earlier proceedings or is one that must be inferred by argument from the judgment.’
  • ‘We simply cannot afford to collaterally alienate the people we are trying to influence, liberate, protect, or aid.’