Definition of collator in English:


Pronunciation /ˈkōlādər/ /ˈkoʊleɪdər/ /ˈkälādər/ /ˈkɑleɪdər/


  • A person or machine that collates.

    ‘For the moment, Sean-Paul has continued to serve as a collator of war-related news.’
    • ‘To redress this imbalance, the film-makers became simultaneously producers, collators and distributors of this history.’
    • ‘Peter Brierley, probably Britain's foremost collator of religious statistics, has conducted a number of nation-wide censuses and surveys of church attendance in England, Wales and Scotland.’
    • ‘A central role in the system was given to the collator, the station-based officer whose task was to assemble and monitor the information provided from the streets.’
    • ‘If Moore's work is examined in the context of the revival as a whole, however, he emerges as an onlooker, a collator, rather than an active fieldworker.’