Definition of collective mark in English:

collective mark


  • A trademark or service mark that identifies members of a union, cooperative, or other collective organization.

    ‘Ecobulpack pointed out that the Green Dot is a collective mark and not a trademark and as such does not merit an exclusive licence.’
    • ‘So collective marks occupy the middle ground between certification marks and ordinary trade marks.’
    • ‘Traditionally collective marks indicate commercial origin of goods or services from members of a group.’
    • ‘An example of a collective mark in the United States is the American Automobile Association, AAA.’
    • ‘There are also collective marks known as certification marks, which function as a guarantee and control mechanism.’
    • ‘The regulations governing the use of a registered collective mark shall be open to public inspection in the same way as the register.’
    • ‘Specimens for a collective mark registration must show the collective mark used by a member, on, or in connection with goods or services offered by the member.’
    • ‘Assignment of collective marks shall be registered on application therefor, unless the mark, in the hands of the assignee, is liable to mislead the public.’
    • ‘Enterprises and institutions which conform to the provision of Article 2 of the Regulations and qualify as legal persons may apply for the registration of collective marks or certification marks.’
    • ‘Registration and examination procedure for a collective mark is in the same manner as other trademark or service mark applications.’
    • ‘Most countries require that an application for a collective mark be accompanied by a copy of the regulations which govern the use of the collective mark.’
    • ‘The provisions of this Act shall apply in relation to collective marks subject to the following provisions of this Schedule.’
    • ‘Article 17 The collective members of the registrant of a collective mark may use the collective mark after going through the procedure under the regulation governing the use of the mark.’
    • ‘This lesson explores the Lanham Act provisions governing federal registration of collective marks and certification marks.’
    • ‘Contrary to a collective mark, a certification mark is not owned by an association.’
    • ‘Certification mark, collective mark or collective trademark rights shall neither be transferred nor licensed to others, nor shall such rights serve as the subject of a pledge.’
    • ‘Because of this feature of U.S. trademark law, GIs can also be protected as trademarks or collective marks.’