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‘Unable to craft for itself a new form of civic collectivity, secular liberalism remains mired in individualism and blind to cultures built around universal ideals and collective aspirations.’
  • ‘Its vocation is to regulate tensions and maintain equilibrium between diversity and uniformity, individuality and collectivity, to enhance social cohesion and solidarity.’
  • ‘The advocates of the individual versus the collectivity have not always been called conservatives but in England they have always been there - as I set out at length here’
  • ‘Individuals came to desire possession of their own plurality of objects in their own homes rather than having to go out to admire the singular object that belonged to the collectivity.’
  • ‘I'd be inclined to say that capitalists aren't so good at being clever as a collectivity, because of the incessant competition between them.’



/kəˌlekˈtivədē/ /kəˌlɛkˈtɪvədi/