Definition of collector's item in English:

collector's item

Pronunciation /kəˈlektərz ˈˌīdəm/ /kəˈlɛktərz ˈˌaɪdəm/


  • An object of interest to collectors, especially because it is rare, beautiful, or associated with someone famous.

    ‘The Association of Model Exhibitors is displaying collectors' items such as cars, railways, doll's houses and wind-up gramophones.’
    • ‘Old quilts became collectors' items, valued for their skill, design and history.’
    • ‘At more than 800 pages, it is destined to become a collector's item of extraordinary value, not least because the print run is limited to 10,000 copies.’
    • ‘He said the campaign was not only appealing to active criminals but those who owned relics, collectors' items or unlicensed weapons.’
    • ‘Among the toys taken in the small hours of last Friday were many collectors' items and limited editions, bringing the rough value of the theft to between £1,500 and £2,000.’
    • ‘The Black Shadow is a rare bike and was a collector's item even at the time it was manufactured.’
    • ‘Although its role in Javanese society has been greatly diminished, there is still a great deal of interest in the traditional weapon as a collector's item.’
    • ‘It is housed in a superbly carved oak case whose interior is decorated with an inlaid walnut plaque of deer in a forest; this is a rare collector's piece, well worth its estimate of £10,000 - £15,000.’
    • ‘All the books have been donated and some will be collectors' pieces.’
    • ‘With the onset of MGB production, these cars have become collectors' items.’
    • ‘Then the collectors' pieces will be auctioned at Maine Road on March 16 after City's game with Birmingham City.’
    • ‘In fact, these unique maps have become collectors' items for people not only in India but also abroad.’
    • ‘With highly refined craftsmanship, his woven batik cloth is given a touch of beautiful embroidery to make it not only a functional piece of clothing but also a collector's item.’
    • ‘In the years since, the record's become a collector's item among comic strip fanatics and devotees of novelty music.’
    • ‘The collection is now available on CD for the very first time and is a real collector's item for fans of the showband era.’
    • ‘The poster is a limited edition one of only 250 made and would be a real collector's item for golfing fans.’
    • ‘Such publications as The Snow Bunting and The Greenshank have become collectors' pieces because of their rarity.’
    • ‘A unique convergence of design elements makes this Argentine pistol a real collector's piece - and a very enjoyable shooter.’
    • ‘Its catalogue, the English-language version printed in only two thousand copies and destined to become a collector's item, will be a starting point for all future scholars working in this area.’
    • ‘This also makes the book a collector's item, because it is the most comprehensive collection of his poetry to date.’