Definition of collegiate in English:



  • 1Belonging or relating to a college or its students.

    ‘collegiate life’
    • ‘This is an opportunity for all collegiate students to meet and socialize with one another.’
    • ‘Even collegiate education will be provided and students will be guided until they find a job, says Parikrama.’
    • ‘Convey's father was a collegiate basketball player and later a coach.’
    • ‘Passage of Title IX has enhanced the collegiate experiences of many women students.’
    • ‘His family says he has always been like this, more so after he went to play in a collegiate tournament in Sahiwal when he was 15.’
    • ‘They are athlete-students, brought into the collegiate mix more as performers than aspiring undergraduates.’
    • ‘What is the breadth of leadership education in collegiate agricultural education departments?’
    • ‘Brandon had planned to be an education major while playing collegiate baseball.’
    • ‘These are only a few of the challenges students face in their everyday collegiate lives.’
    • ‘They often express frustration, shame, and, in some instances, bitterness, over their collegiate experience.’
    • ‘Research has also been conducted to examine collegiate cheating by demographic variables other than academic major.’
    • ‘Conservative student activists do not seem eager to join the ranks of this collegiate campaign.’
    • ‘On the collegiate level, the theory of employee involvement works the same way.’
    • ‘One student returned years later to tell me how I had been a significant part of her collegiate life.’
    • ‘Inspiration is also drawn from the American Ivy League - collegiate stripes and colours suggesting a casual cool that is fitting for both work and play.’
    • ‘Ramanujan did not have formal collegiate education, whereas Schur had solid training under Frobenius.’
    • ‘We have been fortunate in the stream of overseas students and visitors who have enriched our collegiate life.’
    • ‘Coming back home, he eschewed collegiate bowling in favor of tournament play, moving onto the megabucks circuit in 1997.’
    • ‘In collegiate competition, a team of five travels to each tournament.’
    • ‘Take advantage of this opportunity to network with fellow collegiate chapter members and learn more about music careers.’
    educational, scholastic, instructional, pedagogical
  • 2British (of a university) composed of different colleges.

    ‘the Oxford collegiate system’
    • ‘In a collegiate university, of which Cambridge and Oxford are the major examples, there is a further complication.’
    • ‘For his parents there is the comfort of knowing he is protected to an extent within Oxford's collegiate system.’
    • ‘This lower figure though is in part due to the collegiate nature of the University.’
    • ‘Oxford's collegiate system means further cash will also be available through individual colleges' existing hardship funds.’
    • ‘The nature of Oxford's collegiate system requires us to live together in very close proximity.’
    • ‘He unsurprisingly states that the collegiate system is a ‘strength not a weakness’.’


Late Middle English from late Latin collegiatus, from collegium ‘partnership’ (see college).