Definition of collegiate Gothic in English:

collegiate Gothic

Pronunciation /kəˈlēj(ē)ət ˈɡäTHik/ /kəˈlidʒ(i)ət ˈɡɑθɪk/


  • Of or in a style of neo-Gothic architecture used for some US university buildings.

    ‘the history-evoking Collegiate Gothic buildings’
    • ‘First occupied in 1897, Blair & Buyers Hall was the first residence hall of the collegiate Gothic style at Princeton University.’
    • ‘In commissioning works by architects like Gehry and Holl, MIT is bucking a trend among many prestigious colleges to ‘brand’ themselves with collegiate Gothic, stately Georgian, or some other traditional campus design style.’
    • ‘Whether the structure was Greek revival, Romanesque, eclectic, collegiate Gothic, beaux arts, or Tudor, one thing was evident-brownstone filled the need for all.’
    • ‘An insertion into the campus's historic ‘collegiate Gothic’ fabric, this dining hall and commons provides a new locus for a residential community.’


  • The collegiate Gothic style.