Definition of collimator in English:



  • 1A device for producing a parallel beam of rays or radiation.

    ‘The exit beam passes through a collimator and then through the Rochon prism, which is mounted such that the linearly polarized sample beam can be rotated to the proper orientation for either S or P reflection measurements.’
    • ‘Various stereotactic radiosurgical techniques, including the proton beam, gamma knife, linear accelerator X-knife and multileaf collimators with intensity modulators, are becoming more widely available.’
    • ‘The region was washed with a 70% solution of isopropyl alcohol, and the K-XRF beam collimator was sited perpendicular to the bone surface.’
    • ‘The radiation beams used to treat the tumour can be shaped to the irregular volume required by using either customised shaped dense blocks or by multileaf collimators (part of the beam shaping apparatus in a modern linear accelerator).’
    • ‘This allows for accuracy and reproducibility of the treatment set up, and where possible irradiation to normal tissues is kept to a minimum by a system of multileaf collimators (lead shields)’
    • ‘Placed between the collimator lens and the reduction optics in the e-beam column, the CLA generates a plurality of intermediate images of the electron source.’
    • ‘However, the increasing replacement of old linear accelerators with newer machines with the greater technical capability to shield critical structures using multileaf collimators should help.’
    • ‘A high-intensity monochromatic beam from an undulator (wavelength lambda = 0.0948 nm) was focused and then size-limited down to a 5-m-diameter circular section by a collimator.’
    • ‘The spatial resolution of the ultra-high-energy collimator used in this study was somewhat lower than that of a conventional collimator.’
    • ‘The same collimator was used for both the BMIPP and the [sup.99m] Tc-MIBI studies.’
    • ‘In all cases the treatment light was delivered from a 690 nm diode laser system through a fiber optic collimator to a 1 cm 2 spot on the tumor tissue, for a total surface irradiance of 200 mW / cm 2.’
    • ‘Imrt also involves dynamic multileaf collimator or ‘step and shoot’ techniques that provide photon fluences that vary according to the radiotherapy dosimetry requirements of the tumour target and anatomical organs at risk.’
    • ‘The beam was defined by a 500 - [mu] m collimator.’
    • ‘This insert straightens the epoxied optical fiber inside the connector and produces an output beam whose axis is sufficiently collinear with the optical axis of the collimator.’
    1. 1.1A small fixed telescope used for adjusting the line of sight of an astronomical telescope.
      ‘The optical head has two collimators, each 33 cm long: the sun collimator (without lens) and the sky collimator (with lenses).’
      • ‘Using a low energy collimator, images are obtained every 1-2 minutes for 20 minutes.’
      • ‘As with standard scopes, this one is best boresighted with a collimator.’
      • ‘A comparison of spectra measured by an MXRF system fitted with a pinhole collimator and a monochromatic MXRF system demonstrates the enhanced sensitivity of the monochromatic system.’



/ˈkäləˌmādər/ /ˈkɑləˌmeɪdər/