Definition of collinear in English:


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  • (of points) lying in the same straight line.

    ‘But the Spread Law and Cross Law are uncredited as equivalents of the sine and cosine rules, and the Triple Quad Formula for collinearity as an equivalent of Heron's formula (three points are collinear if they make a triangle of zero area).’
    • ‘The upper intercept defined by the six collinear points is 610.4 + 0.9 / - 0.7 Ma and is considered to be the best estimate of the timing of emplacement of the intrusion.’
    • ‘During a second phase, the ‘line-finding’ phase, sets of collinear points aligned at that angle are identified.’
    • ‘Exact alignment occurs when these three points are collinear in the frontal (ie, coronal) plane.’
    • ‘It then follows from the Menelaus theorem, that every three such points are collinear provided all or two of the bisectors are external.’



/kōˈlinēər/ /koʊˈlɪniər/ /käˈlinēər/ /kɑˈlɪniər/