Definición de collinearity en inglés


Pronunciación /kəˌlinēˈaritē/ /kä-/



See collinear

‘The degree of collinearity is determined by the weight of the squared multiple correlation coefficients of the indicators with any other causes of the latent variable.’
  • ‘Before testing the hypothesis with regression analysis, we checked the degree of collinearity among the independent variables.’
  • ‘This is not surprising given the high degree of collinearity among the PMI's components.’
  • ‘He at first does a good job describing the Rb-Sr isochron method, but then accepts the collinearity of points on the ‘isochron’ as a virtual guarantee of the age obtained.’
  • ‘To control for collinearity between the symptoms in the ANCOVA model, all 17 other ADHD symptoms (minus the one being used as the independent variable) were entered as covariates.’