Definition of collisional in English:


Pronunciation /-ZHənl/


See collision

‘In the innermost region of the disk out of which our sun and solar system formed, collisional accumulation leads over the course of several tens of millions of years to the formation of Earthsized rocky planets.’
  • ‘The Florence team showed that the non-interacting fermions cannot support a DC current, which is what is expected given their special collisional properties and leads to a pinning of the atoms to their local displaced position.’
  • ‘It is not yet certain whether the high-grade metamorphism and granite formation at c.930 Ma are related to a ‘Grenvillian’ or slightly younger collisional event, or to an episode of rifting and crustal thinning.’
  • ‘With the collisional history of Mars, you're dealing with a history of billions of years.’
  • ‘The rocks have a MORB-type geochemistry, and have been attributed to shallow melting of asthenospheric mantle, following removal and thinning of lithospheric mantle beneath the collisional orogen in late Oligocene time.’