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  • Eau de cologne or scented toilet water.

    ‘bottles of cologne’
    • ‘she could smell his cool lemony cologne’
    • ‘As for yummy smells, I certainly find it hard to resist a man with the subtlest scent of cologne.’
    • ‘I pulled his coat closer to me, taking strength from its warmth and its faint scent of cologne.’
    • ‘I relaxed and inhaled the scent of his cologne, one that was becoming quite familiar to me.’
    • ‘His curls are brushed back, with just the slightest scent of cologne surrounding him.’
    • ‘Do people recognize your presence because of the scent of your trademark cologne?’
    • ‘His hair was still damp from his shower and the familiar scent of his cologne was arousing.’
    • ‘His thigh brushed against hers and she could smell his cologne and the faint scent of alcohol on his breath.’
    • ‘Kayami nuzzled Alex's neck and inhaled his scent of cologne and fabric softener.’
    • ‘She felt the heat of his body and smelled the scent of his cologne as he sat down next to her.’
    • ‘He severed a tendon when he tried to block, with his foot, a bottle of cologne falling to the floor.’
    • ‘The men wore shiny suits and chunky pinky rings and reeked of pomade and cologne.’
    • ‘In addition there was a small bottle of men's cologne of the same brand as the cigarillos.’
    • ‘It then enhances your cologne or perfume and the fragrance will last much longer.’
    • ‘He took out the little bottle of cologne that Lauren had chosen for him, and his face broke out in a happy grin.’
    • ‘I wondered if he wore any kind of aftershave or cologne, or if he naturally smelled that good.’
    • ‘This is a great gift for him and her, as the company offers cologne and perfume to both genders.’
    • ‘Thai women are taught not to give perfume or cologne to a man as a gift.’
    • ‘He stood up quickly, and walked toward his oak dresser to grab his bottle of cologne.’
    • ‘Make sure your hair is well groomed, wear good shoes and use cologne or after - shave.’
    • ‘Something in her gut gave a sharp tug when she caught a whiff of his cologne.’
    perfume, fragrance, toilet water, lavender water, cologne



/kəˈlōn/ /kəˈloʊn/


Early 19th century named after Cologne in Germany.

Main definitions of Cologne in English

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proper noun

  • An industrial and university city in western Germany, in North Rhine–Westphalia, on the Rhine River; population 989,800 (est. 2006).

    German name Köln



/kəˈlōn/ /kəˈloʊn/