Definition of colonic irrigation in English:

colonic irrigation

Pronunciation /kōˈlänik/ /koʊˈlɑnɪk/ /kəˈlänik ˌirəˈɡāSHən/ /kəˈlɑnɪk ˌɪrəˈɡeɪʃən/

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  • A water enema given to flush out the colon.

    count noun ‘he waits for his colonic irrigation’
    • ‘Articles on feng shui, crystal therapy, iridology, colonic irrigation, herbalism and faith healing sweep the media every week.’
    • ‘The therapist, who was born Panna Lal Palta in India, offered colonic irrigation, massages and reflexology classes.’
    • ‘During their stay, they undergo regular colonic irrigation, and drink odd herbal remedies that are said to have rejuvenating properties.’
    • ‘Medical opinion is divided on colonic irrigation.’
    • ‘The most hotly debated issue, among those who want to detoxify at speed, is the virtue of colonic irrigation.’