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(also British colonisation)
  • 1The action or process of settling among and establishing control over the indigenous people of an area.

    ‘Africa boasts a tradition of higher education institutions that predate Western colonization’
    • ‘the European invasion and colonization of the Americas’
    • ‘For Dickens, the civilizing mission of imperialism meant European colonization.’
    • ‘European colonization characterizes 19th-century maps.’
    • ‘This is due mostly to the bitter resentment over Japan's colonization of Korea.’
    • ‘During the French colonization, this was the quarantine zone for the port.’
    • ‘In lectures before the association, he spoke out against slavery and colonization, while urging African-American solidarity.’
    • ‘Their resistance to colonization is evident in the fact that indigenous languages are preserved outside the classrooms.’
    • ‘The "new words" set to the tune of the folk song evoke the Spanish colonization of the Philippines.’
    • ‘Many critics delineate how a heritage of dual colonizations has left an indelible mark on the Filipino-American psyche.’
    • ‘He affiliates himself with this faux-moorish identity, asserting a parallel to the American colonization of Mexico and of Mexicans.’
    • ‘His work explored issues concerned with identity, politics, and colonization between the native Maori and European cultures.’
    1. 1.1The action of appropriating a place or domain for one's own use.
      ‘the complete colonization of television entertainment by reality shows’
      • ‘His anxiety mirrored Marcuse's grim assessment of technology's colonization of everyday life.’
      • ‘They're against fundamentalism, Coca-Cola colonization, pornography, and Sigmund Freud.’
      • ‘The greatest danger to that is the colonization of thinking.’
      • ‘It's nice to know there is world music beyond the intense musical colonization of Gabriel's production and Byrne's ego.’
      • ‘The universal colonization called globalization, resembling and partaking of witchcraft, is a topic for another day.’
      • ‘He does not tire telling his audience that the colonization of cyberspace by non-free software should be fought.’
      • ‘The August issue raised questions about the new colonization of human minds by the culture of consummate consumption.’
      • ‘The idea of locative art allows him to create an economical meditation upon the colonization of public spaces, time, and memory by technology.’
      • ‘It strikes me as another telltale sign of the insidious colonization of our personal and social lives by the ethic of the algorithm.’
      • ‘This kind of housing owes its origin to the colonization of Manhattan's defunct industrial and warehouse spaces by trendy, arty, sixties types.’
    2. 1.2Ecology The action by a plant or animal of establishing itself in an area.
      ‘lower airway bacterial colonization’
      • ‘suitable sites for colonization by Asian crabs’
      • ‘Their job is to destroy unstable planets in order to make star systems safe for human colonization.’
      • ‘Spreading from the ports, Formosan termites began a subterranean colonization of the country.’
      • ‘The vaccine was effective at reducing colonization of E. coli at the terminal rectum of cattle.’
      • ‘Human colonization reaches Pluto, only to find the planet already populated by a race crudely dubbed the Arachnids.’
      • ‘They found that inclusion of mannose in the drinking water of chicks reduced S. typhimurium colonization of the cecum.’
      • ‘The rest of the site is gradually being covered by natural colonization of plants.’
      • ‘The newly exposed land surface became available for colonization by plants from warmer regions.’
      • ‘Initial colonization of the tooth surfaces by bacteria occurs in childhood at the time of eruption of the first tooth.’
      • ‘Endotracheal tubes promote colonization by interfering with the cough reflex and by stimulating excessive mucus secretion.’
      • ‘Some patients have an increased risk for respiratory colonization and pneumonia.’



/kälənəˈzāSH(ə)n/ /kɑlənəˈzeɪʃ(ə)n/