Definition of colophony in English:


Pronunciation /kəˈläfənē/ /kəˈlɑfəni/ /ˈkäləˌfōnē/ /ˈkɑləˌfoʊni/


another term for rosin
‘There followed a rapid succession of clinical studies dealing with occupational asthma induced by a variety of chemicals including colophony and acid anhydrides.’
  • ‘Shoe dermatitis may be a result of contact allergy to chromates used in the tanning of leather, rubber found in the soles or lining, or, less commonly, colophony, a pine resin widely used in the adhesives used in the manufacture of shoes.’
  • ‘The Defendants deny that they could reasonably have anticipated that the Claimant would have suffered any injury as a result of her minimal exposure to colophony fumes.’


Middle English from Latin colophonia (resina) ‘(resin) from Colophon’, a town in Lydia, Asia Minor.