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color filter

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  • A photographic filter that absorbs light of certain colors.

    as modifier ‘a color filter wheel’
    • ‘Meanwhile, her colour filter lenses strapped over my eyes induced a feeling of complete calm.’
    • ‘The amazing quality was achieved by the use of three monochrome transparencies, each exposed through a colour filter, designed to be melded by simultaneous projection on a screen.’
    • ‘He figured out how to use black-and-white photographic film and color filters to create full-color visualizations.’
    • ‘He very obviously revels in his subject's pace, constantly but unobtrusively playing with camera angles, colour filters and film to suit the mood and period of the scene.’
    • ‘The color filters that he uses make everything in the film feel overly nostalgic, especially considering how grim the subject matter is.’
    • ‘Another aspect of colour filters is the psychological effect they have on our emotions; for example, blue can evoke strong feelings of serenity or coolness.’
    • ‘Toss in some jazzy music and some different color filters, and hey, that's one snappy opening.’
    • ‘I use combinations of color filters in front to control the colors and contrast between light and shadows.’
    • ‘Planet-based scenes are shot with colour filters, adding a realistic feel to images of alien territory.’
    • ‘By using color filters, he explained, the intricate details of an image begin to emerge.’


color filter

/ˈkələr ˈfiltər/ /ˈkələr ˈfɪltər/