Definition of color temperature in English:

color temperature

Pronunciation /ˈkələr ˈtemp(ə)rəˌCHər/ /ˈkələr ˈtɛmp(ə)rəˌtʃər/ /ˈtemp(ə)rəˌCHo͝o(ə)r/ /ˈtɛmp(ə)rəˌtʃʊ(ə)r/


Astronomy Physics
  • The temperature at which a black body would emit radiation of the same color as a given object.

    ‘Most incandescent lamps operate with a color temperature of approximately 2900 degrees Kelvin.’
    • ‘To achieve a lower color temperature - for example, to create lamps that mimic the color temperature of incandescent light sources - we need to develop a phosphor that emits more strongly in the red region of the spectrum.’
    • ‘A bulb's wavelength, as determined by its color temperature, can also play odd tricks on the eye.’
    • ‘Illumination is provided by a ceramic filament operating at a color temperature of 1200°C with a lifetime exceeding 10,000 hours.’
    • ‘The color temperature proved to be exceedingly high.’
    • ‘Digital cameras have built-in white balance to compensate for the color temperature of the light source.’
    • ‘According to a basic physics definition, this light has a high color temperature, while evening light has a far lower color temperature.’