Definition of colorimeter in English:


Pronunciation /ˌkələˈrimidər/ /ˌkələˈrɪmɪdər/


  • An instrument for measuring the intensity of color.

    ‘Professionals use a device called a colorimeter to measure the actual computer display and create a profile that is then used to reproduce colors faithfully.’
    • ‘They also used a colorimeter to measure the amount of white bloom that developed on the chocolate samples, enabling them to link changes in polymorphic form to the onset of visual bloom.’
    • ‘At set time points, absorbance measurements were taken with a colorimeter.’
    • ‘In the beaker-strewn lab, they add chemicals that will react with contaminants by turning a certain color, and measure the change with a colorimeter.’
    • ‘Joseph W. Lovibond invented a visual colorimeter and a system for colorimetry based on subtractive color mixing.’
    • ‘All you need is a device called a colorimeter, which attaches to your screen and adjusts your monitor automatically to display the correct hues.’
    • ‘If I'd had access to a colorimeter and a scanning electronic microscope I certainly would have used them too.’
    • ‘Today, companies throughout the world use our colorimeters in the analysis of products ranging from beer to petrol, chemicals to coatings and beverages.’
    • ‘In order to judge the quality of the monitors, we used different work applications, including games, films and a colorimeter.’
    • ‘For contrast ratio, we take five readings with the colorimeter: one dead-center and one at each of the display's four corners.’
    • ‘Unfortunately, we didn't have a colorimeter handy, so couldn't verify the actual setting across the grayscale range.’


Mid 19th century from Latin color ‘color’+ -meter.