Definition of colorizer in English:


(British colourizer, colouriser)


See colorize

‘It represented a notable improvement over previous colorizing efforts, especially in comparison with any analog examples from the other three colorizers.’
  • ‘A colourizer assigns different colours to different greyscale brightness levels of a video picture.’
  • ‘In response to the outcry, as well as to the fact that colorization did not end up being the boon colorizers thought it would be, the practice thankfully disappeared after only a couple of years.’
  • ‘The colorizers, to their credit, have few pretensions.’
  • ‘Using advanced software and digitizing techniques, it's now possible to add many more colours to a film than in years past, resulting in far greater fidelity and at far less cost - even though he has 140 colourizers working for him at a plant in India.’