Definition of colorway in English:


(British colourway)

Pronunciation /ˈkələrˌwā/ /ˈkələrˌweɪ/

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  • Any of a range of combinations of colors in which a style or design is available.

    ‘wallpaper books show coordinating patterns and colorways’
    • ‘They produce a hand-printed wallpaper range, where clients can choose a combination of colourways, from a selection of three graphic patterns.’
    • ‘The print designs and related colorways are laid out in formatted templates, which have eliminated the tedious and time-consuming job of cutting fabric swatches and gluing them to cards.’
    • ‘With a 10-year guarantee, the range includes four solid colourways and 12 shades.’
    • ‘There are three colourways - a regal claret and gold print, a purple and blue paisley design and a classic plain sky blue.’
    • ‘On the other hand, I'll be buying the other colourways too so that I don't have to do the fitting thing again for a while.’
    • ‘German supplier Lucia has three popular colourways of pale blue and navy; pink and beige; and khaki and mustard.’
    • ‘Clothes will be arranged by themes and colourways rather than displayed as racks of jumpers or coats as at present.’
    • ‘It is very pretty, easy to work with, and comes in very lovely colorways.’
    • ‘Brandwith and Son is offering this pattern in a linen and cotton blend in five colorways, two of which are pastels and three are in bright palettes.’
    • ‘By the end of the decade the firm offered 32 patterns in a total of 125 colorways and Morris began to step back.’
    • ‘Other ideas for making each coaster different include using the same fabric in different colorways, selecting a variety of coordinating seasonal fabrics or using the same base fabric and varying the stitching or trim colors.’
    • ‘Digital images of fabrics are also gradually being added to the database at the request of the marketing department, which needed a way to reference images for samples and colorways.’
    • ‘We now develop our own prints and colorways, and get to choose the fabric that it's going to be on.’
    • ‘Subsequent runs of that same design and colorway may be slightly different.’
    • ‘3000 pairs will be released in the original red, blue and white colourway.’