Definition of colour separation in English:

colour separation


mass noun
  • 1Photography Printing
    The production of separate negative images of the same subject taken through green, red, and blue filters, which are combined to reproduce the full colour of the original.

    • ‘In advertising, animation plays a major role in graphics design and illustrations, while publishing houses rely on it for page layout and colour separation.’
    • ‘Alas, what we get is a full-frame, middle-grade transfer with decent color separation but weak depth, and some truly annoying edge enhancement.’
    • ‘The color separation fluctuates almost from one frame to the next - characters and backgrounds change hues willy-nilly, like a psychedelic nightmare.’
    • ‘Second and subsequent editions are much less expensive than first printings because the bulk of the color separation work is already finished.’
    1. 1.1count noun An image produced by colour separation.
      • ‘He uses the computer to create color separations and facilitate his experiments with scale.’
      • ‘I had found two different design magazines that used enlarged color separations of the Mona Lisa for an illustration.’
      • ‘The photography is excellent, the color separations are consistently accurate, and the localities showcased are arguably the most famous in the world.’
      • ‘Perhaps the most important lesson I learned was the importance of good color separations.’
      • ‘He specializes in making digital camera color separations look their best, serving printers, graphic designers and photographers.’


colour separation