Definition of columellar in English:


Pronunciation /-ˈmelər/


See columella

‘Three beautiful specimens are assigned to this new species, which is characterized by step-like whorls, coarse and prominent collabral costae and spiral caring on the ramp, and a columellar lip with two folds.’
  • ‘It is characterized by strong, rounded, axial ribs, fine spinelets at the intersection of axial ribs and sharp spiral cords, subsutural cord, strong simple spiral cords, and an apparently smooth, glazed columellar lip.’
  • ‘Most tip plasty and nasal width reduction surgery do not have external scars except for the columellar in an open rhinoplasty approach, and tiny skin puncture marks for external osteotomies (bone breaking to narrow nose).’
  • ‘Zigzag chevrons also occur within the axial columella, generally in two or three parallel rows that may be confined to particular growth bands, thus defining layers in columellar stereoplasm.’
  • ‘It differs from the Austrian species by having weaker columellar folds.’