Definition of columnated in English:


Pronunciation /ˈkäləmˌnādəd/ /ˈkɑləmˌneɪdəd/


  • Supported on or having columns.

    ‘a columnated church interior’
    • ‘Its great copper dome rises above the magnificent columnated rotunda to crown the heart of the city.’
    • ‘A centralized columnated beam of carrier holes is thus provided for deflection by the magnetic field.’
    • ‘Also visible is a descending trench not unlike the columnated crevasse located on the Face's upper eastern half.’
    • ‘Or we could make the impactor pointy, which makes it go deeper down but creates a more columnated plume of material.’
    • ‘It is an armature only in that you expect every once and awhile that there will be this kind of highly structured element graced with monumental architecture and with columnated open space.’