Definition of comb jelly in English:

comb jelly

Pronunciation /kōm ˈjelē/ /koʊm ˈdʒɛli/


  • A marine animal with a gelatinous body bearing rows of fused cilia for propulsion. They are typically small planktonic animals and are noted for their luminescence.

    Phylum Ctenophora: two classes

    ‘The comb jelly introduced to the Black Sea via the shipping industry in the early 1980s, now comprises up to 95 percent of the biomass in the Black Sea.’
    • ‘One of the most extraordinary and convincing examples of cryptic female choice occurs in the comb jelly Beroe ovata.’
    • ‘When Leidy's comb jelly was introduced to the Black Sea from the United States in 1990, an absence of competitors and predators allowed this jellyfish-like organism to flourish.’
    • ‘The comb-jellies were fairly common, but we also saw the rarer Bolinopsis, or angel comb jelly.’
    • ‘They are opportunistic feeders, but seem to prefer gelatinous animals such as sea jellies, comb jellies, and salps.’