Definition of combat boots in English:

combat boots

plural noun

  • Boots of a type worn by soldiers in combat, typically black with laces and thick rubber soles.

    ‘If the Army won't buy a better combat boot, then perhaps the Marine Corps will.’
    • ‘He has a combat boot on one foot and a flip-flop on the other.’
    • ‘She placed a heavy combat boot on the stair testing the weight.’
    • ‘Lifting up his big combat boot he stomped it in to the ground.’
    • ‘He gave me a sad smile, dug the heel of his combat boot into the rubbery ground and spun in the opposite direction, striding down the hallway.’


combat boots

/kəmˈbat/ /kəmˈbæt/ /ˈkämˌbat bo͞ots/ /ˈkɑmˌbæt buts/