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  • 1A joining or merging of different parts or qualities in which the component elements are individually distinct.

    ‘this color combination is stunningly effective’
    • ‘a combination of blackberries, raspberries, and rhubarb’
    • ‘The diagram shows, for instance, that the combination of hot and cold produces the element of air and the humour of blood.’
    amalgamation, amalgam, merger, union, blend, mixture, mix, mingling, meld, fusion, fusing, compound, alloy, marriage, weave, coalescence, coalition, pooling, integration, conjunction, incorporation, synthesis, composite, composition, concoction
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    1. 1.1The process of combining different parts or qualities or the state of being combined.
      ‘these four factors work together in combination’
      • ‘In combination there is something even beyond, that joins the three in harmony.’
      • ‘The twinport petrol engines achieve reductions in fuel consumption by using a variable intake manifold in combination with high rates of exhaust gas recirculation.’
      • ‘The therapy involves heated, very smooth stones being rubbed into your back, arms and legs in combination with traditional Swedish massage techniques.’
      • ‘The artist's technique involves the use of digital photography in combination with graphic designs and the exhibition is slated to begin on March 17.’
      • ‘Nevertheless, two events occurred recently which, had they happened in isolation, would probably not have resulted in such a seismic shift in my world view as they did in combination.’
      • ‘In spite of all this, there is something about Shakespeare and something about performance without walls; in combination, they make magic.’
      • ‘Power foods are a convenient pick-me-up and are good for you when used in combination with a wholesome diet of fruit, vegetable, grains, and proteins.’
      • ‘In most countries, rubella vaccine is administered in combination with measles and mumps vaccine to children as part of their immunisation schedule.’
      • ‘But they said the ‘kicker’ was that the carbohydrates needed to be eaten in combination with little or no protein.’
      • ‘Most scientists working with the new inhibitors and monoclonal antibody treatments acknowledge they will be used in combination with chemotherapy for years yet.’
      • ‘But I thought that it was important, because I saw that many of these problems had to be dealt with in combination with other countries.’
      • ‘These strategies must be used in combination: users will leave if the content is good but hard to find, or if it's easy to find but offers only empty calories.’
      • ‘Artificial tooth supports surgically set in the jaw are used in combination with bridges, dentures and crowns to replace any number of missing teeth.’
      • ‘It carries a strong earthy flavour and can be used in combination with wheat flour.’
      • ‘But now the boots are back, often but not always in combination with a miniskirt, and they are certainly harder to combine with the jeans.’
      • ‘Or use in combination with other sun-loving annuals or perennials.’
      • ‘Really nothing more I can add to that except used in combination with your pillow its dead handy for wrapping bottles/breakables in your suitcase.’
      • ‘You are extroverted and strong-willed, which, in combination means you are good with people and aren't willing to let opportunity pass you by.’
      • ‘The number of bumps on each wheel in combination with the rotational speed determined the pitch produced by a particular tone wheel assembly.’
      • ‘By the same token, certain ingredients used in combination capture benefits not achievable when used alone.’
      cooperation, collaboration, concert, synergy, association, union, alliance, partnership, coalition, league
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    2. 1.2An arrangement of elements.
      ‘the canvases may be arranged in any number of combinations’
      • ‘At one point I did a lot of work with producing the same song in many different arrangements and instrumental combinations, sort of like a film maker experimenting with angles etc.’
      • ‘The flexible seating and storage arrangements allow them to choose freely between different combinations of passengers and luggage.’
      • ‘The piece consists of dialogue rapidly rattled off by the characters, as they sit or arrange themselves in different combinations around a pair of wooden benches.’
      • ‘Manufacturers are able to produce a wide variety of aerosol devices by configuring these elements in different combinations.’
      • ‘Different loving relationships have different combinations of these elements.’
      • ‘Each member can play a variety of instruments and between them they can put all sorts of different combinations on the concert floor.’
      • ‘The different partnerships and combinations have failed to gel over the last season.’
      • ‘Seating offers a variety of arrangements: combinations enable the seating plan to be changed to suit four to two, or even one seat without any seats having to be removed.’
      • ‘The blending of spices is the essence of Indian cookery and there are many different types and combinations of spices which suit particular dishes, regional specialities, and taste preferences.’
      • ‘Suggestions were made on the pairing of different wine and cheese, but participants were encouraged to try different combinations on their own.’
      • ‘Take today, for example - I saw a long-sleeved shirt that came in four different color combinations, three of which I liked.’
      • ‘In every room, pre-programmed ‘scenes’ involving different combinations of lights can be used to capture exactly the right ambience.’
      • ‘Each group includes different combinations of instruments; a newly formed a cappella vocal jazz ensemble will also be featured.’
      • ‘Along with these yardages, made-ups, cushion cover and apparel are being displayed to show the varied combinations of different products.’
      • ‘Not only has he been able to use different combinations, a run of six victories and one draw has engendered a mood of well-founded confidence amongst the players.’
      • ‘Use tulips to try out different color combinations, he suggests.’
      • ‘Executed in acrylic and a clear gel medium, each work displays a different color combination and wave pattern.’
      • ‘However, the situations under natural sunlight could be different, and the possible wavelength combinations are numerous.’
      • ‘How do the various color combinations make them feel?’
      • ‘So there are all sorts of permutations and combinations available to us.’
      cooperation, alliance, partnership, participation, combination, association, concert
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    3. 1.3(in various sports and games) a coordinated and effective sequence of moves.
      ‘a good uppercut/hook combination’
      • ‘He has natural pass-rushing skills and instincts, but he must develop a better inside move and use more combinations.’
      • ‘He stepped up a gear in the second, landing wonderful combinations before moving clear of danger, and he finished it with an 18-11 lead.’
      • ‘If judges actually learn to score body shots or combinations, then the sport would resemble boxing.’
      • ‘When shown in solo practice mode, running literarily hundreds of moves and combinations in elaborate, complex exercises, there is nothing dopey or dumb about him.’
      • ‘He stalked his moving opponent, throwing combinations and utilizing his movement to evade punches.’
      • ‘Now, with so many new moves and combinations to choose from, participants never have the same workout twice!’
      • ‘With this in mind - gamers should spend time with each character to get a feel for their strengths and weaknesses and how their moves and combinations work.’
      • ‘Though these remain the standard buttons used, there are also more combinations and moves, ranging from barrel rolls to guiding missiles.’
      • ‘It does take a while to learn everything though as some of the moves require button combinations.’
      • ‘Returning characters are not forgotten, as there is also a new range of moves and combinations.’
      • ‘In this game, slick button combinations bring slick moves, which is the best way for you to get what you want.’
      • ‘Nothing short of extremely difficult exercises in a combination could give a gymnast the full 10 points.’
      • ‘In the first volume, he covers effective footwork, combinations, slashing and stabbing, counters against common attacks and more.’
      • ‘The little combo clock adds that tense, time-based factor so players can incorporate their newly found move into a bigger combination.’
      • ‘Eventually, the combination becomes one smooth move: just get the braking leg extended as soon as you flip.’
      • ‘She only landed a triple lutz/double toe loop combination and three other triples.’
      • ‘Let's start with the triple lutz/triple toe loop combination.’
      • ‘They do a throw triple Lutz, then a side-by-side triple Lutz/double toe loop combination.’
      • ‘Only four opening combinations have been used more than 2% of the time, which more than demonstrates the lack of choice open to the Turkish player.’
      • ‘Compare them with opening combinations of the past.’
    4. 1.4as modifier Uniting different uses, functions, or ingredients.
      ‘a combination garment bag and backpack’
      • ‘Because the bar comes down at a 45-degree angle, high cable rows function as a combination row and front pulldown.’
      • ‘The popularity of the over-the-counter combination remedies may well be changing the practice of homeopathy.’
      • ‘Individual remedies are more potent, but if you're not sure which one is right for you, try a combination remedy.’
      • ‘When given a combination vaccine, three different disorders are introduced deep into the body.’
      • ‘There is also a combination dish with four different items for 210 baht.’
      • ‘Third, make combination plantings, which include a mixture of different species of shrubs and trees.’
      • ‘This response rate was not significantly different from the response rate of combination treatment.’
      • ‘The trial also compared the use of the combination drug with the single use of each active ingredient.’
      • ‘There was a noticeable trend towards the use of combination baler and wrapper machines among contractors and farmers making round bale silage.’
      • ‘And then there's combination post-it notes and desk calenders.’
      • ‘A hockey helmet consists of a shell, a foam lining and an optional face shield, cage, or combination visor and cage.’
      • ‘And it was also used for combination scenes of the hero and the heroine.’
      • ‘The club also organise full day coach tours, combination tours of walks and coach and half day coach tours’
      • ‘At least this time she's ditched the three quarter length denim shorts for a sort of skirt and top combination thing.’
      • ‘They are testing combination drugs which will knock down bacterial defences and allow antibiotics to do the work they were born to do.’
      • ‘There are also several combination meals for one to four people that contain a generous amount of food.’
      • ‘There are also combination cards with five pictures embracing the entire parish.’
      • ‘In a slight change of direction all students were mixed into combination teams.’
      • ‘There is a wide variety of flavours and plenty of combination boxes to choose from.’
      • ‘Another surprise for Elizabeth was a reunion held at Christian Manor in 1987 for a combination Mother's Day and birthday celebration.’
    5. 1.5Chemistry The joining of substances in a compound with new properties.
  • 2A sequence of numbers or letters used to open a combination lock.

    as modifier ‘a combination briefcase’
    • ‘Turning the dial and entering the correct combination, he pulled open the metal safe door and peered inside at the Manila folders it contained.’
    • ‘He set the safe on his bed, quickly put in the combination and opened it.’
    • ‘It must be a hidden safe, one that will only open if the right combination was dialed on the phone.’
    • ‘If a bowler could figure out the combination, he could open up the safe and get the money.’
    • ‘He turned the lock knob to put the combinations in and then opened it.’
    • ‘The correct combination will open the device.’
    • ‘She said with a bite of sarcasm before quickly performing the combination and pulling open her locker.’
    • ‘The leader rapidly tapped in the combination that opened the door and switched off the alarms.’
    • ‘I dialed the combination and opened the locker's door.’
    • ‘She spun the combination and pulled open the door.’
    • ‘She opened the school door and went running down the hall to her locker; she quickly twirled her combination and opened her locker and grabbed her book.’
    • ‘I smiled happily then turned and headed for my locker, dialed the combination, opened it up and stuck the new books I'd required on the shelf.’
    • ‘Curious, she dialed her combination and opened the door.’
    • ‘He fiddled with his combination and opened his locker.’
    • ‘I went to my locker, did my combination and pulled it open.’
    • ‘I went to my locker, number 278, entered the combination, and opened it.’
    • ‘Figuring out a master combination is a methodical process of elimination, determining pin by pin how deep to cut the key.’
    • ‘Finding just the right combination was a process akin to spinning the dial on a lock, praying each time to hit the right series.’
    • ‘I shrugged it off, and went to my locker, and was in the process of doing the combination when I felt someone's eyes on me.’
    • ‘Permits for individuals and small groups will be available from the Lake District National Park Authority and will be issued with combination numbers for locks.’
  • 3Mathematics
    A selection of a given number of elements from a larger number without regard to their arrangement.

    ‘His final publication was on combinations where he used the notation (m, n) for the combinations of n objects selected from m objects.’
    • ‘Mahavira gave special rules for the use of permutations and combinations which was a topic of special interest in Jaina mathematics.’
    • ‘Perhaps they're computing permutations of combinations?’
    • ‘One of the hardest parts about doing problems that use permutations and combinations is deciding which formula to use.’
    • ‘The mathematical possibilities, the permutations and combinations, the percentages, all tended to mislead a good number of readers.’



/ˌkämbəˈnāSHən/ /ˌkɑmbəˈneɪʃən/


Late Middle English from late Latin combinatio(n-), from the verb combinare ‘join two by two’ (see combine).