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‘In addition to that I think that the ending is less then definite, taking into account the predominant viewpoint of the film and the combinative delusional and Oedipal connotations of the film.’
  • ‘Though some might find such games dull, I personally feel that the clarity of the resulting positions (even his combinative games somehow appear thematic and clear) should prove extremely instructive for non-masters.’
  • ‘Various motifs are intertwined to make the combinative solution work.’
  • ‘The largest single chapter in the book is devoted to combinative intuitive decisions, and there are others, such as the opening chapter devoted to the intuition of Mikhail Tal, that are generally tactical in nature.’
  • ‘This knowledge allowed me to create a personal two-year study program taking him from the most basic tactical ideas and situations to far more detailed combinative situations.’



/ˈkämbəˌnādiv/ /ˈkɑmbəˌneɪdɪv/ /kəmˈbīnədiv/ /kəmˈbaɪnədɪv/