Definition of come-to-Jesus in English:


Pronunciation /ˌkʌmtəˈdʒiːzəs/


North American
  • 1Designating a person or group of people who encourage others to accept Christianity; of, relating to, or typical of such a person or group. Usually with disparaging implication: insincerely pious, hypocritical.

  • 2historical, archaic Designating clothing worn by or associated with a preacher or minister; (also) designating clothing resembling this in style; as come-to-Jesus coat, come-to-Jesus collar.

  • 3Of a meeting, discussion, encounter, etc.: that results or is intended to result in a significant shift in the current way of thinking about or doing something; involving or characterized by facing unpleasant facts and the making of important, difficult decisions.

    Especially in come-to-Jesus meeting, come-to-Jesus moment.


North American
  • A meeting, discussion, etc., intended to settle a dispute or resolve a situation; an intense argument, a showdown.


Late 19th century. From to come to Jesus.