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come across

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phrasal verb

  • 1come across someone or somethingMeet or find someone or something by chance.

    ‘I came across these old photos recently’
    • ‘during one of his trips he came across an old friend’
    reach, arrive at, meet, get to, get up to, get as far as, make, make it to, set foot on, gain, attain
    find by chance, meet by chance, meet up with, run into, run across, come upon, chance on, stumble on, happen on, light on, hit on
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  • 2(of a person) appear or sound in a specified way; give a specified impression.

    • ‘he'd always come across as a decent guy’
    seem, appear, look, sound, give the impression of being, have the air of being, have the appearance of being, strike someone as, look as though one is, look to be
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    1. 2.1(of a quality) become apparent or noticeable through actions or performance.
      • ‘the material on the album might come across better live’
      be communicated, be perceived, penetrate, get through, get across, be got across, be clear, be understood, be comprehended, register, be taken in, sink in, be grasped, strike home
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  • 3informal Hand over or provide what is wanted.

    • ‘she has come across with some details’
    hand over, give, deliver, produce, part with, pay up
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    1. 3.1Agree to have sex with someone.
      • ‘she wouldn't come across for him’