Definition of come after in English:

come after

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phrasal verb

  • come after someonePursue or hunt down someone.

    ‘as they made their escape, the guards came after them’
    • ‘if the price of your house falls, the banks come after you’
    • ‘She could see William was about to leave but Charles came after him.’
    • ‘A senior Revenue official said yesterday: "Step forward now, because we will come after you anyway."’
    • ‘When the Egyptians saw Caesar coming after their unwelcome guest, they discreetly murdered Pompey.’
    • ‘I knew I had hit him with at least one bullet, but I didn't budge, expecting him to come after me.’
    • ‘"So, Frederick had seen you and come after you?"’
    • ‘This animal, it can wait for months without eating and it'll come after you.’
    • ‘I think he realized that that had affirmed what he had said was true, so that might be one of the reasons why he came after me.’
    • ‘She is terrified that there could be someone who could come after her.’
    • ‘I think they didn't come after him while he was alive, because he would have died rather than give it to them.’
    • ‘That is, his records will be far beyond the reach of those who come after him.’