Definition of come and go in English:

come and go


  • 1Arrive and then depart again; move around freely.

    ‘he continued to come and go as he pleased’
    • ‘We did not know when we can come and go freely.’
    • ‘We need to have doors in our walls with guards at the doors, but let's let people come and go freely.’
    • ‘There were no extra guards at the gates, and anyone can come and go freely.’
    • ‘Some have even returned to the fray for second helpings, while journeymen pros have come and gone like travelling salesmen.’
    • ‘I grew up in God's country, east Tennessee, and I have always come and gone as I please.’
    • ‘Dolly has come and gone, but the implications of her design have begun a new chapter in life, ethics and possibilities.’
    • ‘We're only realizing it now, just how long it's been and all the groups that have come and gone since we've been in this.’
    • ‘Some people are, however, going to be disappointed to learn that his chance at a Booker has already come and gone.’
    • ‘The great flood of January 4th has come and gone, and all the excitement over it has dwindled.’
    • ‘Others have come and gone, some even had a spell, maybe even a season or two in the sun, but few truly prospered long-term.’
    1. 1.1Exist or be present for a limited time; be transitory.
      ‘health fads come and go’
      • ‘Novelty events come and go and are of limited appeal but a good musical act covers a multitude and keeps the crowd happy.’
      • ‘Directors rise and fall, fads come and go, but cinema is just as exciting as it's always been.’
      • ‘Organic food is a middle-class fad that can come and go according to sentiment.’
      • ‘You can't force a style on people, and trends and fads come and go at different intervals.’
      • ‘In my years of experience, I have seen many language and programming fads come and go.’
      • ‘Like the yo-yo, the hula hoop, and the Mohican haircut, vehicle fads come and go.’
      • ‘Looking at all those illustrations, one can learn first hand about how fashions come and go in repeated cycles.’
      • ‘Artists come and go, gaining notoriety and popularity before heading off into distant horizons.’
      • ‘This is so because political parties come and go, but the nation remains.’
      • ‘Booms may come and go, but the analysis of the data must go on forever.’