Definition of come apart at the seams in English:

come apart at the seams

(also fall apart at the seams)


  • Be in a very bad condition and near to failure or collapse.

    • ‘her marriage was beginning to come apart at the seams’
    • ‘the attitude of the airport guard was symptomatic of a system falling apart at the seams’
    • ‘Journalists from all the broadsheets declared that the figures didn't bear up to close scrutiny, fell apart at the seams, and were a ‘swamp of muddled thinking’.’
    • ‘Ireland put it under pressure and it fell apart at the seams.’
    • ‘Tonight… he literally fell apart at the seams and let me pick up the pieces.’
    • ‘But his first-class form fell apart at the seams last summer and he had lost his place in the side by mid-August.’
    • ‘I feel as though I am falling apart at the seams.’
    • ‘I just feel like we are falling apart at the seams I really don't want that to happen.’
    • ‘I am coming apart at the seams at least that's what it feels like.’