Definition of come away in English:

come away

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phrasal verb

  • 1Be left with a specified feeling, impression, or result after doing something.

    ‘she came away feeling upset’
    • ‘But in the end the viewer comes away with more sensory impressions - visual, auditory and otherwise - than any clear moral messages.’
    • ‘The reality is that Dubrovnik is a little bit of everything, and each visitor comes away with a different impression and experience.’
    • ‘The Gazette is also sure that such an observer would come away with the impression that some sort of solution is needed.’
    • ‘The other impression I have come away with is that the Dutch are generally physically imposing.’
    • ‘All the guys that have flown the aeroplane come away with the same impression.’
    • ‘And I came away with the distinct impression that the Mozart Effect does not exist.’
    • ‘It was an amazing experience, and I came away with impressions that will be with me always.’
    • ‘This will be a tough grand prix, but we'll do our best to come away with another positive result for the team.’
    • ‘At the end of the launch, I came away with highly favourable impressions of the car.’
    • ‘We are going there to get a result but we will really have to dig deep to come away from there with a victory.’
  • 2Become separated from something.

    • ‘the chicken was tender and came away from the bone easily’