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come down with

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phrasal verb

  • come down with somethingBegin to suffer from a specified illness.

    ‘I came down with influenza’
    • ‘To avoid coming down with the illness, he recommends that elders, the very young, or caregivers receive flu shots.’
    • ‘Imagine the scenario: you are in a foreign country, you do not speak a word of the language and you come down with some mystery illness.’
    • ‘By Friday night Lucy had come down with a terrible illness that kept her feverishly in bed on Saturday, Sunday and Monday.’
    • ‘This comes shortly after hundreds of people came down with a similar illness on a cruise.’
    • ‘Years passed, and one day the farmer came down with a mysterious illness that none of the doctors could cure.’
    • ‘It's the recognition that we all risk some day of coming down with a catastrophic illness or having an accident and it's a risk we want to protect ourselves from.’
    • ‘In fact, he felt positively weak as though he was coming down with some sort of illness.’
    • ‘And once they're infected, it's usually just a matter of time before the whole family comes down with the same illness.’
    • ‘And there were some pretty serious health problems that he came down with as a result of that.’
    • ‘I must be coming down with some rare and dangerous illness.’
    become ill with, become sick with, fall ill with, fall sick with, be taken ill with, show symptoms of, become infected with, get, catch, develop, contract, take, sicken for, fall victim to, be struck down with, be stricken with
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