Definition of come from in English:

come from

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phrasal verb

  • 1Originate in; have as its source.

    ‘the word caviar comes from the Italian caviale’
    • ‘Inspiration for original writing comes from many different sources.’
    • ‘The origination of these messages should come from a central source close to the top politician.’
    • ‘Their informant was the landlord, and, coming from such a source, the information could not have been discounted.’
    • ‘I think everyone loves to hear how wonderful they are even if it's coming from an unreliable source.’
    • ‘The first is to increase the amount of energy coming from renewable sources like bio - fuels, wind and waves.’
    • ‘There are some excellent voices from Canada and they are coming from unexpected sources.’
    • ‘This is especially handy when your compilations will be coming from diverse sources.’
    • ‘It may be that there will be ten pieces of information, all coming from completely different sources.’
    • ‘Much of our source material comes from early versions of these same songs from the first record.’
    • ‘It comes mainly from building materials, oil-based paint, furniture made of compressed wood and personal care products.’
    originate from, have its origins in, derive from, arise from, stem from, emanate from, proceed from, start from, issue from, evolve from, come from
    1. 1.1Be the result of.
      • ‘a dignity that comes from being in control’
      have its origins in, arise from, originate from, spring from, derive from, come from, be rooted in, emanate from, issue from, flow from, proceed from, result from, be consequent on
    2. 1.2Have as one's place of birth or residence.
      ‘I come from the Bronx’
      • ‘I have never been to Wales even though all my family comes from there.’
      be from, be a native of, have been born in, hail from, originate in, have one's roots in, be …, be … by birth
    3. 1.3Be descended from.
      ‘he comes from a family of artists’
      • ‘Linda was a bubbly, happy, cheerful girl who came from a big loving family.’
      • ‘A relaxed charmer with an eye for girls, he came from a family of gentlemen amateurs.’
      • ‘Angel is a very pretty girl, she's a hard worker and she comes from a richer family than most in this town.’
      • ‘I come from a family of three girls, and my dad had always said you can be whatever you want to be.’
      • ‘Over the last few days, students coming from well-to-do families are in the news for the wrong reasons.’
      • ‘Besides coming from a political family, she is a lawyer who has fought cases in the Supreme Court of India.’
      • ‘It's been interesting for me, coming from a family who has been in the sport so long.’
      • ‘He comes from a family of five, with two younger twin sisters.’
      • ‘My mother is French, and comes from a family of excellent cooks.’
      • ‘It is understood she comes from a musical family so we're expecting great things from her on the night.’