Definition of come home to roost in English:

come home to roost


  • (of an action, scheme, etc.) recoil unfavorably upon the originator.

    ‘ensuring that the liability does not come home to roost’
    • ‘But if we wait until they have thoroughly ravaged the rest of the world, there will be no one left to show solidarity with us when the chickens come home to roost.’
    • ‘He may soon join the rogues' gallery of aging racists for whom the chickens have come home to roost.’
    • ‘For the Florida Governor, the educational chickens have come home to roost.’
    • ‘But, in the end, this Illusion was dangerous and self-defeating - speculation-induced market distortions coming home to roost.’
    • ‘But while we seem to have averted a large economic slowdown, we've done so only by creating massive imbalances, a whole bunch of chickens that will eventually be coming home to roost.’
    • ‘Everywhere the chickens released by the government's private finance initiative are not so much coming home to roost as crashing into the henhouse and sliding down the wall in a heap of blood and feathers.’
    • ‘Your greed and power lust are now coming home to roost.’
    • ‘The comment has been made (and I simply do not know whether it has any validity) is that some people saw the chickens coming home to roost, and got out in good time.’
    • ‘The chickens are coming home to roost and even the inflated stock market is having a hard time avoiding the flurry of feathers.’
    • ‘Now that the chickens of the liberalised regime are coming home to roost, the employment situation looks like it can get worse.’