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come into

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phrasal verb

  • 1come into somethingReach or be brought to a specified situation or result.

    ‘new data protection requirements came into effect in May’
    • ‘the training is for staff who come into contact with the public’
    reach, attain, arrive at, come to, make
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  • 2come into somethingSuddenly receive money or property, especially by inheriting it.

    ‘he came into an inheritance’
    • ‘Imagine you've come into a sum of money, such as a bequest or a lottery win.’
    • ‘What about the case of someone who suddenly comes into good fortune, perhaps entirely by his or her own efforts?’
    • ‘How he has changed since coming into his inheritance; you would barely know the man.’
    • ‘In addition, when you do come into a relatively large sum of money, you have to decide what to do with it.’
    inherit, be heir to, become heir to, be left, be willed, be bequeathed
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