Definition of come into question in English:

come into question


  • Become an issue for further consideration or discussion.

    ‘our Sunday Trading laws have come into question’
    • ‘If the Government is able to transfer questions of this sort of importance to any old Minister, who can use those responses as answers, then the point of question time does seriously come into question.’
    • ‘Well then, you might not be the right person for the job, and that job may not be the right one for you, but better to find out now, than in two months when the Microsoft Word expertise you claimed you had is coming into question.’
    • ‘Their sons and daughters serve in large numbers in a war whose validity is increasingly coming into question.’
    • ‘It seems however, that faith in economic growth to signify the change and development as the key to progress comes into question as the Earth's life-support systems fray and indicators of ecological collapse multiply.’
    • ‘First, the legitimacy of the sitting government comes into question, because that legitimacy rests on the legitimacy of the elections that define it.’
    • ‘Americans are wondering where to turn for pain relief as the safety of one medicine after another comes into question.’
    • ‘After all, the more unkind the times, the more the survival of the culture itself comes into question.’
    • ‘Suddenly, its authorship comes into question, as do the motives of those left behind.’
    • ‘Diversion of water has increasingly come into question because once the water is diverted, it is highly unlikely that the receiving area will ever relinquish these augmented waters.’
    • ‘The Security Council will have to take this extremely seriously, indeed, otherwise its own future will come into question.’