Definition of come into the world in English:

come into the world


  • Be born.

    ‘Forty minutes after Mia had come into the world, her identical twin sister Mona was born.’
    • ‘Screaming lustily, apparently as healthy as his sister despite the awkward way he came into the world, the second child was born.’
    • ‘No one wants to see their child undergo an operation and Louise has already had a tough time coming into the world.’
    • ‘The boy would come into the world without a father.’
    • ‘The baby will come into the world, perhaps kicking and screaming, but babyhood will only be the beginning of a continuing process of growth and change.’
    • ‘Maybe Saskia just wasn't ready to come into the world.’
    • ‘After they come into the world, they are cleaned right in the room and then put on a special bed.’
    • ‘Her twins came into the world at 25 weeks and five days - Tom weighing 749g and Bonnie 620g.’
    • ‘My most heart-melting moments were when each of them came into the world.’
    • ‘The chimes of Big Ben had barely struck when little Sam came into the world at just one minute past midnight on New Year's Day.’