Definition of come on strong in English:

come on strong


  • 1Behave aggressively or assertively, especially in making sexual advances to someone.

    • ‘she came on so strong that she frightened him off’
    • ‘No matter - a guy too gentle at heart to convincingly come on strong is welcome in this era of musical command sexuality, and he's certainly no prude.’
    • ‘So she drives me to the beach, two minutes from where I'm staying, and starts coming on strong.’
  • 2Improve one's position considerably.

    • ‘he came on strong toward the end of the round’
    • ‘‘He is coming on strong and improves season on season,’ the Celtic manager said of the Bulgarian midfielder.’
    • ‘SuperTarget is coming on strong, considering its two stores hold 1.6 percent of the market, adding a 0.75 percentage point over the year.’
    • ‘Price came on strong toward the end of last season.’
    • ‘Carl who retired a short time ago is coming on strong and should be in the winners position shortly.’
    • ‘Some of the early season front-runners are starting to look a bit ragged about the edges and the Warriors are coming on strong.’
    • ‘The state's wildfire season is coming on strong and it is coming early and that is true throughout much of the west.’
    • ‘It was so much fun being the number two horse and everybody knows we're coming on strong.’
    • ‘And Gephardt has come on strong in Iowa, where he is leading Dean in the polls, demonstrating he's no has-been - at least not yet.’
    • ‘We didn't play that well in the first half and knew they would come on strong in the second half and defended well.’
    • ‘Listenership does appear to have come on strong.’