Definition of come to in English:

come to

phrasal verb

  • 1also come to oneselfRecover consciousness.

    ‘I came to in a corner of the room’
    ‘he was struggling to come to himself’
    • ‘On coming to himself on Sunday morning, he got up and walked home, and a doctor was afterwards called in.’
    • ‘I came to myself in the room; it was a basement of a house.’
    • ‘It was a little before noon when he came to himself again.’
    • ‘Well, when the incident was over, I was on the floor in my living room and he kind of came to himself.’
    • ‘Suddenly coming to himself, parched, he demanded a drink of water.’
    • ‘Abruptly coming to herself, Sara hastened to touch down lightly in front of her audience.’
    • ‘‘But knowing how defensive he can get when it comes to himself… I'm not so sure’ I sighed.’
    regain consciousness, recover consciousness, come round, come to life, come to one's senses, recover, revive, awake, wake up
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  • 2(of an expense) reach in total; amount to.

    ‘the bill came to £20,000’
    • ‘Free connection has been replaced with an upfront charge, so 12 months online comes to a total bill of €400.’
    • ‘Our total bill came to 35.20 leva for three of us including beers.’
    • ‘The total bill came to £35.30, which is excellent value for quality food.’
    • ‘In total his bill came to about £60 and he left a generous £80 tip to the three staff serving him.’
    • ‘The total bill came to nearly £8 billion and there were very real fears that the capital backers would be wiped out.’
    • ‘Together with the drinks, the total bill came to £37.50-and we added a generous tip.’
    • ‘The total bill came to a pretty reasonable £35 for an excellent meal for two, including drinks.’
    • ‘The bill in total came to £51.30, which is generally more than you expect to pay but the food is worth it.’
    • ‘Travel the whole weekend was expensive, coming to a total of just under £95 in the end!’
    • ‘With lawyers' fees plus the balance of the original bill, the total comes to almost $40,000!’
    amount to, add up to, run to, number, make, total, equal, be equal to, be equivalent to
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  • 3(of a ship) come to a stop.