Definición de come to nothing en inglés

come to nothing


  • Have no significant or successful result in the end.

    ‘he is convinced talk of a leadership challenge will come to nothing’
    • ‘As a result another good idea came to nothing and another report ended up gathering dust in some warehouse.’
    • ‘But, overall, it was vacuous stuff, came to nothing, and fizzled out.’
    • ‘But this came to nothing and it fell to the French to pioneer international sport in keeping with their long diplomatic traditions.’
    • ‘Confidence was now high but a succession of further chances came to nothing.’
    • ‘As he talks, the grey-haired retired policeman holds his head in his hands out of sheer frustration that his views have still come to nothing.’
    • ‘That the speculation came to nothing is a result of different aspects of a goalkeeper's skill-set being of interest to different managers.’
    • ‘But constant failure to agree on anything meant all of this came to nothing, and now these opportunities have been lost.’
    • ‘As a result, ‘it becomes sentimentalism and comes to nothing.’’
    • ‘I'd hate to see all the work he's done coming to nothing just because of the generally idiotic circumstances that prevail around here when anyone tries to stick their neck out and do something original.’
    • ‘In fact, even if the writing comes to nothing, and nothing much happens for the rest of my life, I'm happy that I've changed from the person I was.’
    fail, meet with failure, meet with disaster, miscarry, go wrong, go awry, fall through, fall flat, be frustrated, break down, collapse, founder, fold, come to nothing, come to naught