Definition of come to someone's knowledge in English:

come to someone's knowledge


  • Become known to someone.

    ‘I felt sick when I thought of all the horrible things that could have been prevented if I'd taken action when the situation had come to my knowledge.’
    • ‘It came to my knowledge that while we had been preparing for the match, Chelsea had a meeting with representatives of Mourinho.’
    • ‘It has come to our knowledge that many properties had not been declared for property tax, undermining severely the tax collections.’
    • ‘If this had have come to my knowledge other than through the public domain, I would have made my inquiries and expressed my views.’
    • ‘The incident only came to our knowledge this month.’
    • ‘I will not reveal any confidential information that may come to my knowledge in the course of my work.’
    • ‘According to police, this came to her knowledge after receiving a statement from the bank.’
    • ‘It has come to my knowledge that a few people are indeed working on their own private projects.’
    • ‘Should any unlawful act come to our knowledge we shall immediately delete the information concerned from our website.’
    • ‘It has come to my knowledge that some of you have felt uneasy about my appointment.’