Definition of come to that (or if it comes to that) in English:

come to that (or if it comes to that)


  • In fact (said to introduce an additional point)

    ‘there isn't a clock on the mantelpiece—come to that, there isn't a mantelpiece!’
    • ‘In fact come to that there wasn't a car park as such either, more of a development site with vehicles strewn about across it.’
    • ‘Nor, if it comes to that, is there any justification in the way that executives awarded themselves multi-million bonuses while axing 170 rural branches.’
    • ‘And come to that how many people can get any of the fancy new digital channels - of the BBC or anyone else?’
    • ‘He now exposes the grandiose follies of Oxford University itself, and a few other universities as well, come to that.’
    • ‘It isn't that I don't like drugs, or his work come to that, it's that they don't agree with me.’
    • ‘But nobody should have their past held against them - or their future, come to that.’
    • ‘It's dead easy to make with spinach beet, or real spinach come to that.’
    • ‘Actually, come to that - when did you last see a Top of the Pops dressing room?’
    • ‘Well, the grannies and, come to that, the great grannies that I know are otherwise engaged.’
    • ‘I thought people would never stop carping about the green light business, or the parking come to that.’