Definition of come up dry in English:

come up dry


North American
  • Be unsuccessful.

    ‘experiments have so far come up dry’
    • ‘But in the aftermath of our victory, the search for evidence of this program has thus far come up dry.’
    • ‘Apparently the investigation came up dry and was suspended.’
    • ‘Between now and then, we either have to find some weapons of mass destruction, or come up with an incredibly plausible reason why our searches are coming up dry.’
    • ‘Well, Percy had a look through his own libraries and came up dry, so he called me.’
    • ‘Until they came up dry, they'd follow his lead without question.’
    • ‘I tried looking up ‘blacksmith’ using Canada 411 but for some reason it came up dry.’
    • ‘The Spanish producers of the film had planned to shoot in the republic but their search for a suitable location came up dry.’
    • ‘The initial probe included an allegation of illegal arms shipment to Honduras, but the charge came up dry.’
    • ‘I scoured the entire store, including the sale racks and the junior trendsetters section but came up dry.’
    • ‘She began thinking carefully of somewhere to go again but like before came up dry.’