Definition of come up roses in English:

come up roses


  • (of a situation) develop in a very favorable way.

    ‘everything was coming up roses and there was nothing to worry about’
    • ‘In contrast, Butcher would have you believe everything was coming up roses for his team, despite yesterday bringing only their third league victory in the course of their past 11 games.’
    • ‘Everything's coming up roses at this point in her life.’
    • ‘Perhaps if they were allowed to see things as they really are, they just might realise that away from their palaces and grand homes, things in the real world are not always coming up roses.’
    • ‘An art student infatuated with a handsome cardiologist, her Angelique has just won a scholarship and everything in her life is coming up roses.’
    • ‘And then there's my father who was always risking everything all the time and it was years before things started to come up roses for him.’
    • ‘It's totally different to what I'm used to and hopefully I can come up roses.’
    • ‘Honey, everything's coming up roses for me and for you!’
    • ‘Well you know the last time you joined us you told us the U.S. economy is in great shape, everything's coming up roses.’
    • ‘Thankfully, it's also the absolute nadir of the album at large, so everything else comes up roses by comparison.’
    • ‘If you try your best everything will come up roses and all.’
    • ‘And anyway, when everything comes up roses it won't matter why we did it.’