Definition of comedian in English:



  • 1An entertainer on stage or television whose act is designed to make an audience laugh.

    ‘they sat watching an Irish comedian telling jokes’
    ‘a stand-up comedian’
    • ‘The 5.1 mix on this disc is better than expected - there were times where I felt I was really in the audience watching the comedians on stage.’
    • ‘While he considers himself first and foremost a stand-up comedian, his television career is on quite a roll.’
    • ‘Watching the way comedians dealt with difficult audiences was particularly enlightening.’
    • ‘A lot of the way I survived as a stand-up comedian was writing jokes for other comedians.’
    • ‘As always at a comedy gig, the comedians on stage faced an uphill challenge overcoming the comedians in the audience.’
    • ‘For those who remain in ignorance, he was the greatest stand-up comedian of all time.’
    • ‘I think at his peak, he was the funniest stand-up comedian ever.’
    • ‘None of the truly great comedians are funny when you meet them in real life.’
    • ‘He may be the last great comedian that anyone will even remember after turning age 100.’
    • ‘Being an unfunny comedian sounds like a kind of personal hell - public rejection and humiliation nightly.’
    • ‘The performance featured comedians paying tribute to Goldberg for her contribution to comedy.’
    • ‘The night also featured a comedian, and a three-course dinner for club sponsors.’
    • ‘About a decade ago, I was asked to appear on a comedy special which featured political comedians.’
    • ‘The radio personalities and vaudeville comedians brought their heightened creativity to the medium and it finally gained a wide audience.’
    • ‘His marriages and divorces were fodder for newspaper tabloids and late - night TV comedians.’
    • ‘Tip to aspiring comedians: keeping it clean is not as easy as it sounds.’
    • ‘At 16, she rebelled against her parents and aspired to become a comedian.’
    • ‘We both enjoyed the live performance of these gifted comedians immensely as we both love live theatre and comedy performances.’
    • ‘I'm not blue - there are plenty of comedians who do that.’
    • ‘I'm sure that fans of the comedian's live routine will be more than happy to own this disc.’
    comic, funny man, funny woman, comedienne, comedy actor, comedy actress, humorist, gagster, stand-up
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    1. 1.1A comic actor or playwright.
      • ‘He doesn't take for granted the skills required to be a comedian or comic actor of quality.’
      • ‘Hire noted comedians and physical actors for the lead roles, provide the straight man, and start firing.’
      • ‘Why isn't the greatest comedian considered a better actor than a mediocre drama queen?’
      • ‘But unless you have a real group of gifted actors / comedians to turn the material into magic, all you have are precise words.’
      • ‘He saw himself as a dashing romantic figure and was mortified to find himself seen as a slapstick comedian.’
      • ‘This was a shining example of teamwork, in which three great comedians combined to create an amusing and cohesive whole to a diverse and difficult play.’
    2. 1.2ironic A person who is or thinks themselves to be amusing or entertaining.
      ‘he's a real comedian, this fellow’
      • ‘Aside from having total mastery over all things pointless, he's also a real cut-up of a comedian!’
      • ‘The cruise took around one hour and was a narrated trip; it turned out that the guy doing the narration was a bit of a comedian so it was pretty amusing.’
      • ‘Others become comedians or " party animals " so that people will like them.’
      joker, jester, wit, wag, comic, wisecracker, punner, jokester
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Late 16th century (denoting a comic playwright): from French comédien, from Old French comedie (see comedy). The sense ‘entertainer’ dates from the late 19th century.