Definition of comedic in English:


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  • Relating to or characteristic of comedy; comic.

    ‘the man is a comedic genius’
    • ‘with perfect comedic timing, he delivers the punch line’
    • ‘He exploited the weaknesses of others for comedic effect.’
    • ‘I've always been much more engaged by him in a comedic rather than dramatic role.’
    • ‘He explores in his art the dynamics of decay without ignoring the comedic ironies of living.’
    • ‘A scene ripe with comedic possibilities is then cruelly squandered.’
    • ‘She has the comedic timing of my eight-dollar Rolex.’
    • ‘It's an old tradition for comedic actors to appear in big, dramatic movies in order to be taken seriously.’
    • ‘This movie doesn't bother to offer an original comedic thought, or pursue a different take on collegiate life or the onset of midlife crisis.’
    • ‘Some celebrities known for their comedic, dramatic, or vocal talents are also accomplished visual artists who use their pieces to support various causes.’
    • ‘Many comedic moments feel directed, not spontaneous.’
    • ‘In the comedic half, she is the neighbor of an underemployed actor, who soon becomes fixated on her.’



/kəˈmēdik/ /kəˈmidɪk/